Unreal City - Cruelty of Heaven
Unreal City - Cruelty of Heaven
Unreal City - Cruelty of Heaven

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Unreal City - Cruelty of Heaven

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Following the release of their 2019 7” single, "Satyr/Sheol”, Unreal City announce the release of their latest full length album “Cruelty of Heaven”. Recorded at the now defunct Mars Compound Recording Studio and featuring original artwork from Stephen Kasner, this album is 10 new tracks of late 90’s/early 2000’s Cleveland inspired metallic hardcore.
"Lyrically and thematically this album imagines the ugly, nihilistic and self destructive mentality one might be tempted to take when faced with a world that seems to descend increasingly into apocalyptic madness”, states vocalist Joe Sanderson. "Several songs take inspiration from art and conversations I had with people I met while traveling in Thailand that deal with this mental outlook as it pertains to imprisoned individuals. It imagines what that would look like as applied to the outside world."

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150 - Blue & White Pinwheel with Purple Splatter

350 - Pink & White Mix with Green Splatter