END - The Sin of Human Frailty
END - The Sin of Human Frailty
END - The Sin of Human Frailty
END - The Sin of Human Frailty
END - The Sin of Human Frailty

Closed Casket Activities

END - The Sin of Human Frailty

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Format:LP - Bone in Milky Clear with Splatter


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Vinyl Pressing

300 - Silver, Red & White Mix with Splatter (Closed Casket Exclusive)

300 - Gold, Oxblood & Purple Mix with Splatter (Evil Greed / Human Warfare Exclusive)

300 - Swamp Green, Brown & Silver Mix with Splatter (Rough Trade Exclusive)

300 - Yellow, Orange & Red Mix with Splatter (Tour Exclusive)

500 - Half Red & Half Yellow with Splatter (Deathwish Exclusive)

500 - Oxblood in Clear with Splatter (Indie Retail Exclusive)

500 - Gold, Oxblood & Black Striped

800 - Bone in Milky Clear with Splatter

1000 - Red with Splatter

1000 - Orange with Splatter

There will always be another peak to summit and boundary to break. END stretch their second full-length offering, The Sin of Human Frailty, beyond its very limits with a fierce commitment to unwavering unpredictability and uncompromising intensity. The New Jersey quintet counts producer and guitarist Will Putney, vocalist Brendan Murphy, guitarist Gregory Thomas, bassist Jay Pepito, and drummer Matt Guglielmo among its ranks. These musicians deliver a concentrated barrage like no other on, The Sin of Human Frailty [Closed Casket Activities].

END initially materialized during 2017. The group’s From the Unforgiving Arms of God EP spawned the fan favorite “Necessary Death,” and lead to a signing with label Closed Casket Activities. Highlighted by “Covet Not” and “Absence,” the band bulldozed the senses with their 2020 full-length debut, Splinters From an Ever-Changing Face. Brooklyn Vegan hailed “Pariah” as “an absolutely filthy dose of modern metalcore,” and Kerrang went as far as to describe their Debut LP as, “catharsis fed through a distortion pedal and shaped into a dense, destructive wrecking ball” Perhaps, Invisible Oranges put it best, “These gentlemen have come together to summon a fury seldom heard on any album from the realms of hardcore, grind, and black metal…”

In 2023, the members congregated once again to write and recorded what would become this sophomore release. “Part of the goal was to do things our way,” states guitarist Will Purney. “We didn’t want to lean on our influences too heavily, whether it’s in terms of production, guitar tone, arrangement, or other elements. We were like, ‘Let’s just make a record that sounds like END’. I feel like there’s more of an identity to the band than there has ever been on this record.” The final result is a unique blend of HM2 driven Grind and Metallic Hardcore cross over with moments of Industrial chaos over ten tracks. Featuring guest vocal appearances by J.R. Hayes (Pig Destroyer), Debbie Gough (Heriot) and Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), this Graphic Nature Audio recording clocks in over 30 minutes of unhinged aggression and grind.

Produced and engineered by Will Putney and featuring the art of Alex Eckman-Lawn, this release pushes the complexity of END both sonically and visually. Vinyl comes packaged in a ten panel die-cut jacket, pressed on deluxe colored vinyl and with a digital download code.

Track Listing

01. A Predator Yourself
02. Gaping Wounds of Earth
03. The Sin of Human Frailty
04. Thaw
05. Embodiment of Grief
06. Twice Devoured Kill
07. Worthless Is The Lamb
08. Hollow Urn
09. Infest
10. Leper