Full of Hell - Auditory Trauma: FOH Isolation Sessions
Full of Hell

Full of Hell - Auditory Trauma: FOH Isolation Sessions

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The 3rd release under the band operated imprint and the only documented recording of Full of Hell performing live during the pandemic. Recorded October 29th 2020 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts, the set list spans early to late eras of the band, and is the most accurate representation of the band in a live setting: Disorienting, raw, brutal and dense.

This pressing is limited to 250 copies on Red vinyl, exclusive to Indie retailers. Housed in a single lp jacket featuring art by the masterful John Wiese and photo insert by Frank Huang. This is a one time pressing with no plans to reissue.

Track Listing

1- Pile of Dead Horses

2- Branches of Yew

3- Crawling Back to God

4- The Cosmic Vein

5- Black Iron

6- Halogen Bulb

7- Amber Mote

8- Barb and Sap

9- Ashen Mesh

10- Bone Coral and Brine

11- Gnawed Flesh

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