Harm's Way - PSTHMN
Harm's Way - PSTHMN
Harm's Way - PSTHMN
Harm's Way - PSTHMN

Closed Casket Activities

Harm's Way - PSTHMN

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Color:Green/Blue/White Merge



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PSTHMN is the evolutionary counterpart to the 2018 full length release, Posthuman (Metal Blade Records). It includes 4 remixed and reinterpreted tracks by artists that have continually inspired and influenced the band throughout it’s tenure.  These artists include Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, JK Flesh), Andrew Nolan (Intensive Care, The Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven), and Sanford Parker (Mirrors For Psychic Warfare, Corrections House).  Additionally, the release includes a reimagined version of the track “Unreality” by their very own bassist, Casey Soyk. PSTHMN follows the vision of Posthuman and sheds light on influential aspects that have shaped the sound and aesthetic of Harm’s Way.

Vinyl is a one time pressing of 999 copies by Closed Casket Activities, under exclusive license from Metal Blade Records

Track Listing

Side A

-Call My Name (Justin Broadrick)

-The Gift (Andrew Nolan)

Side B 

-Unreality (Casey Soyk)

-Temptation (Sanford Parker)


Pressing Info

20 - Test Presses

210 - Electric Blue & Black Pinwheel

290 - Green/Blue/White Merge

499 - Electric Blue Splatter