God's Hate - Mass Murder
God’s Hate – Mass Murder

In just two years together, Southern California’s GOD’S HATE have developed into a band that has gone further than their own expectations could have hoped. Their modern approach to a classic metallic hardcore sound recalls genre favorites Hatebreed and Merauder, while injecting elements only a contemporary band could provide.

Following two well-received 7″ EPs (“Divine Injustice” in 2013 and “Father Inferior” in 2015) and numerous highly acclaimed festival appearances, GOD’S HATE began recording their first proper full length in mid-2015 at The Pit in Van Nuys, California with noted producer Taylor Young at the helm. The resulting album, entitled “Mass Murder,” finally captures the original vision GOD’S HATE set out to achieve, introducing more metallic leads and harmonies than were present on their earlier EPs.

With “Mass Murder,” GOD’S HATE have created a juggernaut of an album, and one that embodies all the ire and might that such a name would suggest.

Track Listing
2-Violent Procreation
3-Mass Murder
4-Father Inferior
5-Crown Of Power
6-Righteous Fear
7-Unsound Fury
8-Witness Rejection
9-Benevolent Submission

Vinyl PressIng Info
15 – Rejected Test Pressings
15 – Approved Test Pressings
100 – Red/Green Split
200 – Red/White/Blue Striped
500 – Cyan with Yellow Splatter
800 – Orange/Black Mix