The Network - Bishop Kent Manning
The_Network – Bishop Kent Manning


Taking lessons from the school of Coalesce and Bloodlet, The Network finally captured their full essence at God City Studio with engineer/producer Kurt Ballou. The album title and theme is based on a short story by a member of the band about greed, regret, life, blind faith, death and consequence. For fans of Converge, Coalesce, Trap Them and Graf Orlock.
This record was licensed from Black Market Activities.

Track Listing
1. From Holy Water to Holy Wars
2. Following and Failing
3. Your Own Personal Time Bomb
4. Service with a Smile
5. Telethons for the Rich
6. Paranoid
7. Easter Just Stopped Showing
8. Corpse Paint
9. You Fucking Fakes
10. Bishop Kent Manning

First Pressing
20 – Test Pressings
230 – Clear with Red/Silver/Black Splatter
436 – Black and Siver Mix