Unholy - Blood Of The Medusa
Unholy – Blood Of The Medusa

Unholy – Blood Of The Medusa 12″

Featuring members of seminal Syracuse, New York bands The Path Of Resistance, Godbelow, and Another Victim. UNHOLY plays hardcore influenced metal with no regard for the latest trends and fashions. There is no singing, no blast beats, and no lyrics about love lost. This is modern metal/hardcore with plenty of acerbic vocals, meaty guitar riffs, and double bass from five men who have paid their dues. Features Guest vocals from 100 Demons and Earth Crisis vocalist.
This record is licensed from Lambgoat Records.

Track Listing
1. New Faith
2. Variola
3. A Whisper In Darkness
4. Where Angels Fear
5. Blood Of The Medusa
6.  Touch Of Death
7. Beyond The Shroud
8. Past This Mortal Flame
9. Rise Of Sarnath
10. Dreams In The Witch House
11. Entrails Of A Rotting Sky
12. Oblivion

Vinyl First Pressing
-5 Test Pressings
-100 Clear with Black Splatter
-234 Green with Yellow Mix
-666 Red with Yellow Mix